Sunday, September 16, 2012

Catching up

It has been an amazing summer.  I have made one baby outfit. Working on another. I have also started my winter sweater.
I changed positions at work. Now I actually work with all the Docs, and am loving it. I really like the nurse that took my position. Several things have changed at the office. We loss 2 nurses, one to a new job, and one to disability. We also had a referral person retire, manager retired early. The lead for the front desk is moving to a new job. As you can see we have several positions open, some have been filled. Still have a nurse poistion, and front staff. I have interviewed for a position closer to home, still waiting to hear.
In July, I took 3 weeks off. The first day the storm hit, and I had no electric for a week.  We did go to Ohio for part of a week. Had a good time visiting family. Spent time with the grandkids. I just love them to death.