Sunday, March 18, 2012

My long weekend

This week I took thursday and friday off, which gave me a 4 day weekend. Thursday I sat around with the DH. He got a call from a friend asking him if he wanted to ride out to Washington State with him. Now let me say here, my DH is a disabled truck driver. This was the first time he has been on the road since November. I told him to go, this gave me some alone time to get stuff here done. I got a call for an interview. Set it up for friday morning, just before DH was to leave out. The job is closer to home, but would be approximately 3.25 per hour decrease in pay. I'll continue to car pool for that. I took DH to meet his buddy at noon. When I got home I took a nap, finished supper, and cleaned the bathrooms.
I got DH a bigscreen TV and recliner as gifts for several holidays. He enjoys nascar racing. However our front room is small, and his chair was sitting in the doorway to the bedroom. Our youngest daughter can down late friday night, and stayed the night. We got up early this morning and started cleaning. I cleaned off DH's desk, moved it out. Cleaned off my old desk and moved it to thefront room for DH. Set up his stuff. Moved a file cabnet, and end table. we did not have anything between the chair to sit cups or a lamp on. I also got stuff unplugged thatwe are not using, such as the broken fax machine and land line phone. The freed up another surge protecter. I moved the couch down and the chairs over. With the additional surge protecter DH and I have our own power strip. His recliner has the heat and vibrater in it. I was also able to get my police scanner set back up. We also moved things in the kitchen which gave me more room there.
Tomorrow will be spent going through stuff and putting it away, and finishing the house. I also have to balance the check book, pay bills, and grocery shop. Groceries will be easy this week, as it will be just me and son. Hopefully I'll get some crocheting done tomorrow. I miss my DH, he has been home since November. House is empty with him gone, but I can't get anything done when he is home.
I hope everyone had a blessed weekend.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pictures and next project

Ok I have pictures of 2 outfit I have made. They belong to a sister and brother. I made the sister dress almost 2 years ago, and she still fits in it. When I made it,it was a long dress, now it's a short dress. I so enjoy making these things, but I really enjoy seeing them being used. Here are the pictures.


Maddie loves her new baby brother. Hope that bonds continues.


I have started and restarted my next project, only to find out I was using the wrong size crochet cotton. I made a trip to Michael's to get the right size. The cotton is the size of sewing thread. I had to make another trip to Michael's to get a magnifying glass so I can see the stitches. Now that I have everything it's time to get started.