Sunday, December 30, 2012

pom pom yarn scarf

A daughter of a friend recently started crocheting, self taught. While in the craft store several months ago, she came across yarn with little pompoms attached. She bought it, hoping to make something out of it. After a few attempts she couldn't figure out how to crochet with it. She sent it to work with her mom, and said see if Kim can use this.
Well I have had this yarn sitting around for a few months, trying to find a pattern. One day a couple weeks ago, a patient came in, knitting with this yarn. She explained how to use it. Being a new knitter, but having an understanding of patterns from years of crocheting, I picked it up right away.
At the time Christmas was fast approaching, and I had several projects to finish for presents. So, I waited to get started, thinking this will take awhile. Guess what, it didn't.
Yesterday, being bored of crocheting, I sat down with this yarn. Now I admit, I had to rip it out a few times, change needles, ect. My biggest problem was that I wanted and needed to use #10 needles, however my #10 needles are very long. I was only working with 10 stitches. 2 years ago, when I started knitting, my son bought me a nice set of needles, the kind that comes in a case, and can be used as straight or circular. I dig them out thinking I could just use the needle part, well that didn't work. I had to attach the plastic ends, one on each needle. These are very stiff,but it worked. Now I'm off.
My next challenge casting on. I got that figured out. This is a really simple pattern, as most basic scarves are. You can't do any fancy stitches with this yarn, and really don't need to. I believe a beginner could do this, with a little instructions. I casted on 10 stitches, but you can cast on whatever you want depending on how wide you want your scarf. Remember if you cast on an odd number, one end you will end with one stitch and the next row the first stitch will be the second stitch between the poms. I personally like even numbers in whatever I'm knitting.
Ok, so you have your cast on. Now you knit,you can perl whichever you prefer. With this yarn your edges won't curl. You knit 2 stitches between each pom. I continued this til I was almost out of yarn. Using an even number of stitches, I counted back to know when I needed to cast off.
The cast off is like any other project, again 2 stitches between each pom.
I started this scarf around 6pm last night, and was almost finished when I went to bed at 10pm. I finished the scarf in about 20 mins this morning. I will post a picture as soon as I find my camera and take it.
I loved working with this yarn, and plan to get some for myself, to make presents out of.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Baby outfit

One of the Docs at work just had his 4 child. I have made him a summer outfit, which is the sweater and pants pattern with adjustments. I removed the sleeves on the sweater to make it sleeveless, and shortened the pants to make shorts. I still have to sew it together, but I'll finish that today.
I have 2 more babies to make outfits for. I also would like to make some christmas presents. I know this is a short entry, but I have dinner to fix and finish this outfit.

Christmas is over

Ok I have to admit I didn't get everything done. I am still crocheting for Christmas. I did make all the guys hats, I still have several things to finish. I have been working all day on the grandchildren from work gifts. I have the hats completely and 1 set of mittens. When I finish this I still have the neices, and kids hats to complete. I also have an outfit for a girl at work, and the dedication dress for the God grandchild.
I want to make Dinky another sweater, one that will fit. I have some pom pom yarn given to me, and I'm going to try to knit a scarf with. I still have my sweater to finish as well. below is a picture of one hat and mittens set I've made. Yes we are Ohio State fans. This was for our youngest grandson.

Sounds like it's a good thing I took a week off work. I just want to say the all the items I make are not my own. I find the patterns online mostly at This site is for crafters to post their stuff. All the patterns I use are free to make.
We went to Ohio for Christmas, and just missed the storm. Really enjoyed spending time with mom, and seeing the family. I miss the family, but was glad to be home before the storm. We got ice and sleet, wind and cold. They got snow and more snow. I don't miss that.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas time

It has been awhile since I have blogged anything. A lot has been going on here. Our oldest son has moved here from Ohio so right now he is staying with us. He has found a job and trying to get through the holidays. Then about a month after he moved here, our youngest daughter moved back home.  Don't get me wrong I love having my kids here,  but there is more work to do. 3 of our 4 have moved home.
During all of this, our youngest daughter became a God-Mother. So we now have 5 grandchildren, or 4 grandchildren and 1 God grandchild. Madison is so beautiful, and sweet. I finally got to meet her last night. My daughter has a professional camera, but has misplaced the charger. As soon as it's found we are going to have a photo session. I am going to put a photo from last night below.
Madison and Grandma Kim.

On to the next thing. Christmas has become so commercialized that we have decided to do something different this year. Each of the Kids and grandkids will get 3 gifts just like Jesus. They will get a gift they need, a gift they want, and a gift I make. As you can see I have been busy crocheting. We have 4 children, 2 in-law children, 4 grandchildren. I also have 4 children that call me Grandma. This doesn't count for the neices and nephews. I still have a lot of crocheting to do. I have 6 completed, and working on the 7th one. Oh and I still have a fulltime job to go to everyday, and a house to take care of. So as you can see, there has been time for blogging.
I'm going to end this now, I will post pictures of the crochet items later.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Catching up

It has been an amazing summer.  I have made one baby outfit. Working on another. I have also started my winter sweater.
I changed positions at work. Now I actually work with all the Docs, and am loving it. I really like the nurse that took my position. Several things have changed at the office. We loss 2 nurses, one to a new job, and one to disability. We also had a referral person retire, manager retired early. The lead for the front desk is moving to a new job. As you can see we have several positions open, some have been filled. Still have a nurse poistion, and front staff. I have interviewed for a position closer to home, still waiting to hear.
In July, I took 3 weeks off. The first day the storm hit, and I had no electric for a week.  We did go to Ohio for part of a week. Had a good time visiting family. Spent time with the grandkids. I just love them to death.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

sweater finished

I have finished the sweater. It looks great. It only took 4.25 skeins of yarn, so I have almost 2 skeins leftover. I will post pictures as soon as I get them.
On to my next project. I'm going to start the wedding present. I have a feeling it's going to take some time. I will start it today. I'm hoping for the best.
Well it's sunday morning, and I just finished fixing breakfast. I have to get dinner on soon. Not sure what is going to happen today. God is Good, so I'm sure it will be good.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Easter 2012, woke up at 6am. I really want to get back to church, but I'm having a hard time moving. I still have to go to the store, and I'll be cleaning house this afternoon.
I hope that everyone remembers the true meaning of today. Jesus rose from the grave, to give us hope for a future beyond our comprehension. Remember what Jesus did for all of us, He loves us even if we ignore Him. I LOVE HIM.

I have been working on my sweater, it's over half done, will probably finish this week. Will post a picture when it's complete.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My next sweater

I started a new sweater for myself. This one is for the warmer months of the year. It can be found and downloaded free at It's called the lacy duster. I'm going to make mine a little longer than the pattern calls for. It's being made out of caron simply soft yarn in soft pink. I started this last sunday, and am about 1/2 done with it. I'm excited to get it completely and start wearing it.
When I finish this I have another baby boy outfit to make, it's the same pattern I used for Baby D. This one will be done in mint green. I also have 2 baby girl  outfits to make, and the wedding present. I'm going to start the wedding present as soon as I finish the sweater. One of the baby girl outfits maybe the christening dress I started a while back.
My long sweater coat is going to be ripped out and restarted. I found a pattern I want to make. It requires 3 yarns crocheted together. This one will be heavier and I may be able to wear it most of winter. I have to find at least one color that will go with the autumn red I already have. I haven't decided if I will make it with 2 strands of autumn red and one other color, or find 2 more colors. I will update when I get to that project again.
Now for what else I've been up to. Since my last post, I have done most of my spring cleaning, moved furniture around. This weekend I cleaned out a storage bin, and had to move furniture again. I have cleaned house today, just normal weekly cleaning. Working on laundry, some of which is stuff I moved out of the storage bin. I'm going to spend the evening watching tv, crocheting, and listening to my police scanner. I hope everyone has had a blessed week.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My long weekend

This week I took thursday and friday off, which gave me a 4 day weekend. Thursday I sat around with the DH. He got a call from a friend asking him if he wanted to ride out to Washington State with him. Now let me say here, my DH is a disabled truck driver. This was the first time he has been on the road since November. I told him to go, this gave me some alone time to get stuff here done. I got a call for an interview. Set it up for friday morning, just before DH was to leave out. The job is closer to home, but would be approximately 3.25 per hour decrease in pay. I'll continue to car pool for that. I took DH to meet his buddy at noon. When I got home I took a nap, finished supper, and cleaned the bathrooms.
I got DH a bigscreen TV and recliner as gifts for several holidays. He enjoys nascar racing. However our front room is small, and his chair was sitting in the doorway to the bedroom. Our youngest daughter can down late friday night, and stayed the night. We got up early this morning and started cleaning. I cleaned off DH's desk, moved it out. Cleaned off my old desk and moved it to thefront room for DH. Set up his stuff. Moved a file cabnet, and end table. we did not have anything between the chair to sit cups or a lamp on. I also got stuff unplugged thatwe are not using, such as the broken fax machine and land line phone. The freed up another surge protecter. I moved the couch down and the chairs over. With the additional surge protecter DH and I have our own power strip. His recliner has the heat and vibrater in it. I was also able to get my police scanner set back up. We also moved things in the kitchen which gave me more room there.
Tomorrow will be spent going through stuff and putting it away, and finishing the house. I also have to balance the check book, pay bills, and grocery shop. Groceries will be easy this week, as it will be just me and son. Hopefully I'll get some crocheting done tomorrow. I miss my DH, he has been home since November. House is empty with him gone, but I can't get anything done when he is home.
I hope everyone had a blessed weekend.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pictures and next project

Ok I have pictures of 2 outfit I have made. They belong to a sister and brother. I made the sister dress almost 2 years ago, and she still fits in it. When I made it,it was a long dress, now it's a short dress. I so enjoy making these things, but I really enjoy seeing them being used. Here are the pictures.


Maddie loves her new baby brother. Hope that bonds continues.


I have started and restarted my next project, only to find out I was using the wrong size crochet cotton. I made a trip to Michael's to get the right size. The cotton is the size of sewing thread. I had to make another trip to Michael's to get a magnifying glass so I can see the stitches. Now that I have everything it's time to get started.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Outfit done

Well I finished the baby outfit. I forgot to take a picture, so I'm waiting on one for the baby's mom. She did bring the children by work yesterday. She had both of them in the outfits I made. The little girl is almost 2 and still fits in the dress I made when she was born. The colors really looked good on her.
I have started the doily for my pastors son. I have 2 rows completed. I hope it turns out good.
Well it's been almost a year since we loss my step-dad. My mom is having a difficult week, I just prayer she will find comfort this week.
Well gotta go to work.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Morning

Well the baby outfit is completed. I have some little things to do on it, which I will finish today. I've worked on my sweater, but this will be a long project.
Yesterday was the funeral of my grandson's mommy. We still haven't talked to him. Hoping and praying he is doing ok. He is such a great kid, and did not deserve this. I have to remember God does not always give us what we deserve, but what we need. I wish he had a more mature step mom. Kwen Buchanan you will be missed by many, but most of all your 2 beautiful children.
I will post a picture of the outfit as soon as I finish it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Well it's the day after Valentine's day. So ready for some rest. This week seems so long, and the stress so high. I feel like I'm living in a fog. I have gotten some crocheting done, and hope to finish the outfit tonight or tomorrow morning.
Monday was one of the worse days I've had in awhile. Our oldest grandson's mom was killed in a car accident. No she is not our daughter, but she was our grandson's mom and best friend. We are concerned how he is going to deal with this. It's hard enough growing up in today's world. Now at the age of 10 he has to process this. For the most part she was a wonderful mother, who loved her kids.
From this everything went down hill, Valentines sucked. Felt no love from my husband. The stress has been so high with the accident, hubby can't work, is in a lot of pain, can't get any pain medication. I haven't been able to eat much, which is ok, since I could afford loss about 10 lbs.
On a brighter note, I did get called for a job interview. Not sure if I want to take it, but going to at least check it out. I really like where I am, but this position is closer to home, and a pay increase. The interview is next week, I'll post about it after the interview.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Well it's the monday after supper bowl. I took the day off, cause I haven't had a day to just do nothing in quite a while. I have to go back to the store today today to pick up something things I forgot yesterday. I'm also going to get my nails done today, and pick up some yarn.
I have the new baby boy outfit almost done and ran out of yarn. I also have another baby boy outfit to make and a wedding gift to make. I have decided to make doilies with their initial, and table runner with their name. I need to get started on this. The wedding is May 17th.
I have been working on my sweater this week since I need yarn for the baby outfit. I have approximately 8 inches completed. When I finish this skein I will have to buy more yarn.
My baby girl called last night and said she was coming over. She stayed all night. Not sure what is going on with her, but mommy's gut feeling is that something is going on. She won't say anything though. Will have to wait it out.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last day of January 2012

Well this is the last day of January 2012. I have been crocheting as much as I can. I have finished off one skein of yarn on my sweater. I have been working on a baby outfit for the Dr I work for. I have to get some yarn to finish it. I also have another baby outfit to make for another Dr in our office. He is expecting his 4th child.
We recieved an invitation to a wedding for our Pastors son. We won't be able to attend, but I want to make them something. I will probably make them a crochet picture. The wedding is in Ga on a thur. I cna't take time off work to go, plus right now we don't have the money for a trip.
I'm going to get off here. Get my shower and do some searching for a pattern.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Well this was a busy monday. Didn't have much breathing room today, but it went quick. Woke up this morning in a foul mood, then my hubby ask if I am going to quit smoking today. I said yeah right.
I spent most of the weekend crocheting. I have a baby outfit half done. going to work on it some tonight. will post a picture as soon as I have it finished.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Long Thursday

As soon as I got to work this question was posed, "what is your guess of baby sex and weight?" The Dr I work for became a grandpa again today. His son's baby was born at 7:14am. Mom was at the hospital 20 mins before the baby arrived. Well anyway, I guessed girl 8lbs 7oz, I have said this is a girl through most of the pregnancy. I was wrong, they had a big boy, 9lbs 12 oz.  Now it's a sweater and pants, instead of a dress. Was going to start it tonight, but hubby wants to go to the store. Going to check my stash, and make sure I have enough yarn. Also the new baby has an older sister that is 19 months old. going to make her a princess crown.
For the next few days I will be getting the baby stuff done, and put my sweater to the side. Just about time to go to the store. Supper is over, my son made dinner and is cleaning up. The men in my life spoiled me sometimes.
Well off to the store.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

25th anniversary

Today was my wedding anniversary 25 years. I worked all day, when I got home my son and husband had dinner started. We had steak and baked potatoes. I finished fixing dinner. We watched tv together, and went to bed. Another day of work tomorrow.
I worked on my sweater this morning, finished 2 more rows. I have made it back to where I was when I had to rip it out. When I finish the first skein I will figure out how much it's going to take.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

snowy sunday

We woke up this morning to snow, not much enough to cover the ground. It doesn't matter how much or how little we get, my baby boy does not like going out in it. I should really put his boots and sweater on him, but first thing in the morning, he can't wait for all that. This is the reason I wanted to litter train him, but hubby said no.
A snowy day seems the perfect time to cuddle up under a blanket and crochet. I may just do that. I have a few things to do around the house, but that won't take long. I haven't done much on my sweater recently. I worked yesterday. Drove my truck for the first time since august, that felt strange. I wondered if I could remember how to drive a stick shift. It went well, though.
Wed was one of my grandson's birthday, Brennan turned 2. Look out Nick and Tiff, you are going to have your hands full with an infant and the trouble 2's. My daughter in law graduated from nursing school. Not sure if she is going to continue school or start working fulltime. I know she wants to continue on and get the RN, but they just got custody of his oldest, which gives them 4 kids, 2 in diapers. We will have to wait and see.
Well breakfast is almost done. I have to go finish it. God Bless and have a great day.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday

It's friday the 13th. Hope everyone has a great day. I'm working tomorrow, so my weekend won't start until noon tomorrow. I can use the overtime. This past week, my grandson had his 2nd birthday, I started over on my sweater, and had a rough weeks at work. Things people go to the dr for still makes me stop and say "what????"
Well anyway, I have ripped out my sweater and started over. I increased the starting chain to 200, and working in a half double crochet. Working in the back loops so that the front loops show on the front. haven't gotten far, but will work more on it as I have time.
I have been asked to make a dog sweater for a neighbor. Will get that done soon. Still looking at patterns. Will post pictures when I have it done.
Almost time to leave for work.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

sunday morning

Up early today. Devotion was Realize: 3 steps to sin. 1)Contemplation, 2) Rationalization,3) Consent. PS Sin always affects others---Ruth Bell Graham.   Gen.3:1-19, and Gen.6:5.
The serpent will tempt you to contemplate doing something you know God said NOT to do. You must rationalize what you are doing, and give consent to do it. The serpent can not make you do anything you don't want to do. He can only make it looking pleasing. Remember sin always looks pleasing, but you have to look beyond to the consequences. The consequences of sin is death. God said when you are born again, you take on a new form, the old is washed away. You are turn away from your old life, stop the things you did, and strive to live like Jesus which was sinfree. Now I know we can not live totally sinfree, and God knows that. We are humans therefore sinful, however we can turn from things we know is sinful. We must remember others are watching us, we must live to show God's love. Just because we are christians and washed in the blood, does not mean we are free to do as we please. We are to bring other to God, not shun them, or make them question what is so different. We need to show the world why we are different, and why they want to be in our family.
I have made one new years resolution, and that is to fast and grow closer to God. I hope that through this people will see God's love through me.

Concerning my projects. I have the bottom complete for the bag, and I ripped out the sweater. Ready to start over on it. Not sure how much crocheting I will get accomplished today. I really need to clean house and take care of some things I have neglected recently. I hope that doesn't take all day, and I can get a little crocheting in.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Have to start over

Well I have completed 6 inches of my sweater, to discover this morning it's not wide enough. I will be ripping it out today to make it wider. That's all part of the trial and error. 162 stitches wide would be perfect for a pre-teen. I am a small sized, 5ft4in 130 lbs, this sized is big enough to wrap around and meet, but I want a little more room. will update on the progress later. Beside, making this wider, I'm also going to change the stitch. Nothing fancy, just going to half double crochet, instead of the single crochet. I was using this stitch in back loops for the bag, and liked the way it was turning out.
I have also ripped out the bag as well. I'm not fond of sewing pieces together,so I have started over making it all one piece. This design will be more sturdy, and less open areas.
I work full time in a Drs office, so don't have a lot of time to spend on this. Weekends are my time for making changes to patterns and deciding what I like. I spend a little bit of time throughout the week working on stuff, but not much time to really examine it. I also enjoy reading and have spent some time doing that. When my hand start to hurt from crocheting I search the web for my next project idea. I usually have several things going at the same time. Right now, I'm working on a scarf for a friends boyfriend, it's 2 sided in cowboys color. I am also working a plastic bag holder in red and green. My kitchen is done in apples, so this should match well.
I love making stuff for babies, and my puppy. My puppy (Dinky) has 3 sweaters now. Both crocheted and knit. His next item is going to be a vest harness. I'm going to attempt it in 3 sizes as I have 3 sizes of dogs. Dinky is a miniture chihauhau, I also have a lab mix with we believe grey hound, and pitbull. My chi is 6 lbs, the lab is 25 lbs, and the pitt is 85 lbs. I don't like collars on them as they cut into the hair on their necks. Be low are pictures of my 4 legged babies.
The chi is the pitts puppy

This is her usual position

Best friends

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5

I've been working on the sweater for 5 days now. I have also started a bag. Have decided what to use the bag for. It will be multi colored. Originally started the bag to hold and carry my projects, most likely that's what I will use it for.
I took a couple pictures tonight showing my progress. It does not look like much, but as you know large projects take a little time to show much. I'm working on finishing the first skein, so I can figure out how much more yarn I need to buy.
On another subject. I returned home from work to find my truck is up and running. It has been broke down since august 13th. Have tore the engine apart 4 times, before everything was fixed. Still have some minor things to do, but it will now go up and down the road.

Well I'm going to do some crocheting.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sugar Bowl Results

Yeah Michigan won. Things around my town will be quiet for awhile. Everyone will be depressed the VT lost. Oh well, maybe they need to look at their season schedule and add some real teams to it. Get experience playing against real football player. I managed to stay up until 11 last night.
Awoke on time this morning, got ready for work and crocheted on my sweater for about 45 mins, before I had to leave. I really need to get pictures of the progress. I'll work on that tonight.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sugar Bowl Night

Sitting here watching the sugar bowl. Virginia Tech and Michigan. I'm rooting for Michigan, never would have thought I would do that. I'm a diehard Ohio State fan. Tech may have put up points first, but Michigan got the first touchdown. I doubt I'll make it through the whole game, have to work in the morning.
Watching the game is giving me a time to crochet. I have 3 inches of the 40 inches done. I'm anxious to get this done, or at these see progress. 3 inches don't look like much when you are crocheting rows of 162 sts. I will try to get pictures of the progress soon.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2

Well I have 6 rows done. Not going very quickly, but I have to work. I took time to shower and get ready for work. I also started a bag to carry my supplies in. I just love this no chain foundation. I will use it whenever I can.
My husband ask me last night how long this sweater will take to make. He is already looking to the next one to sell. I told him I wouldn't know untill I have this one finished.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The start of my sweater

I recieved 2 skeins of yarn for christmas. I've been trying to decide what to make. I decided today. I'm going to get more of the same color yarn. It just so happens Jo Anns has it on sale.
I have wanted an ankle length sweater coat since the 80's. One of my cousin's had one, and I was in love with it. I am crocheting myself one, creating the pattern as I go. To start with I made a single crochet chain of 162.
To learn this stitch go here This is easy to do, and no twisting the chain when you have a long chain. Happy Crocheting. I will update often on the progress of the sweater.