Sunday, March 24, 2013

Palm Sunday

That's right, it's Palm Sunday. One week before Easter and we are having a winter storm. I think the groundhog lied. I woke up to sleet, and warning of 1-6 inches of snow by morning. I didn't go to church, for fear of the weather.
I haven't done any crocheting or knitting lately. Plan to do some today, after I make my puppies homemade treats. I'm excited about making homemade treats and knowing what my dogs are eating.
Not much going on here. Will post later what I knit today. I have to get me a scarf made, since this winter is never going to end. I had my hair cut this week.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Comfort Cloth 2

I finished the comfort cloth yesterday. Last week I ask the mom recieving this for an old t-shirt from her and dad. I cut the sleeves off the t shirts and use them to stuff the head of the teddy. Then after washing the cloth, I wrapped it in the t shirts.
We had the baby shower today after work. It went great. They got several things they didn't even think about needing. Below is pictures of the cake, and the comfort cloth.

This is a close up of the finished piece. I loc=ved the colors for a little girl.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Comfort Blankie

One of the PA's at work is expecting her first baby. She already knows the baby is a girl. Which is helpful for us planning to provide gifts, but for me it takes the fun out of labor. We are having a baby shower this month at work.
As you know I am currently working on another outfit. I found this pattern and thought this is a great idea. It is knitted all in one piece. I am going to get an old t shirt from mom and dad, to stuff the head. I'm going to start making these for all my baby shower gifts. I will provide a picture of the finished product.
If you are interested in the pattern, I found it on Publish by Frankies knitted stuff. The link is

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Love Month

As I continue to work on my crafts, which I wish I had more time to work on. I will be working on my knitting project more this weekend. I am trying to put my priorities in the proper place. Right now, knitting is the least on that list.
This post is to introduct a new blog I'm going to start. With Valentines Day coming soon, I want to start a blog on Love, Marriage, and real life couples. I am still in the beginning phase and haven't even come up with a name yet. That will all be completed today. I will be discussing my marriage and the changes it has gone through.
I'm one of those people that doesn't believe 24 hours is enough. As a wife that works outside and inside the home, I have feel most of the time I have little time for me. This will be some of the things I will discuss in my next blog. I hope that I will find time in each day to work on my craft.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekend Bliss

It's saturday morning in our house it's quiet. Ok, to be honest it's usually quiet here. Our youngest child will be 22 in a couple months, and the grandbabies live out of state. I'm the only one up, and I keep telling myself "you need to get the housework done" to which I reply "I know give me just a minute." Ok that minutes has come and gone several times. All I really want to do is sit here and knit.
We had our second snow storm in as many weeks. This one was not as bad as last weeks, we still have power this week. Spent all last weekend without power, which meant no cleaning or laundry. Thank goodness I have enough uniforms to last 2 weeks. With the cold weather and working I didn't do anything all week. It's time to catch up.
I'm still working on the baby outfit, getting closer. I have the yarn seperated for my year in temperature scarf, and the measurements for my pitts sweater. I hope to get to spend time working on the outfit this weekend, and at least get half done. I don't get much knitting done through the week, as I'm gone from home 11 hours a day.
In the last couple week, we had an addition to our family. We got another 4 legged grandson. His name is Jacks, and he is a mix chi pom. He is the cuties thing, but his daddy said no dressing up. Guess what nana is going to make him somethings. He doesn't like the cold. I don't think I'm ever going to get a granddaughter,except for cats. The female cats that are here are turning me against cats.
Well hubby is up, and I need to get started. I will try to post pictures of my progress on the outfit this weekend. Have a safe and warm weekend.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

baby Jumper

I was working on an outfit for a girl at work. I was to the finishing, and adding the sleeves, to discover the outfit will be too little. So today I started a new outfit. This one isa free knitted outfit I found on I have it started,but need to stop for the night.
I also completed my puppy's sweater. He has wore it all day. Next pet project is for out 100 lbs Pitt. I will post pictures later.
Hope everyones new year is off to a great start.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Well looking back over the last year, we have a lot to be thankful for. The earth didn't disappear on either predicative date, God showed everyone. We have lived through several storms and fires.
For me personally, when I look back I can see where God has been working in my life. I put in for a transfer at work, the position I originally interviewed for. Within a matter of weeks, we interviewed and hired a great nurse to replace me. I still wonder everyday when she sleeps. Then my first day of a 3 week vacation the storm hit. We were without electric for a week,spent most of the vacation money on a hotel. When the electric came back on the water heater went out. There goes more vacation money. We did go to Ohio to visit family, and had a good time. In sept the new nurse started, and I took my new position, float nurse, I floated straight to another area where a nurse left. I have been there since. God has been working on my impatience. A nurse has finally been hired and starts next monday.
I have been working on my prayer life. I pray every morning on my way to work. For the past several months I have ask God to take the desire for alcohol away from hubby. This has been done. Thank you God. During this past year we have had some bad and good times. We worked through the bad, rejoiced in the good, and Praised God through both.
This month me and hubby will be married 26 years. We are happy, and have come a long way. I thank God for giving the wisdom to not walk away. Today it is too easy to give up. We may not do much to celebrate, but that's ok. Just knowing we have beat the odds, and love each other, is enough.
Looking forward into a new year. I'm going to quit smoking and I know God will be there to help me. I am going to try to live my life more pleasing to God. I feel lead to start my next career move, but somethings have to be put in place. We have to either remodel this home, or buy another one. Then set up a nursery. What is this career move you ask. I want to become a foster mother to drug born babies. Please pray with me concerning this.
Hope all have many blessings in 2013.