Sunday, December 30, 2012

pom pom yarn scarf

A daughter of a friend recently started crocheting, self taught. While in the craft store several months ago, she came across yarn with little pompoms attached. She bought it, hoping to make something out of it. After a few attempts she couldn't figure out how to crochet with it. She sent it to work with her mom, and said see if Kim can use this.
Well I have had this yarn sitting around for a few months, trying to find a pattern. One day a couple weeks ago, a patient came in, knitting with this yarn. She explained how to use it. Being a new knitter, but having an understanding of patterns from years of crocheting, I picked it up right away.
At the time Christmas was fast approaching, and I had several projects to finish for presents. So, I waited to get started, thinking this will take awhile. Guess what, it didn't.
Yesterday, being bored of crocheting, I sat down with this yarn. Now I admit, I had to rip it out a few times, change needles, ect. My biggest problem was that I wanted and needed to use #10 needles, however my #10 needles are very long. I was only working with 10 stitches. 2 years ago, when I started knitting, my son bought me a nice set of needles, the kind that comes in a case, and can be used as straight or circular. I dig them out thinking I could just use the needle part, well that didn't work. I had to attach the plastic ends, one on each needle. These are very stiff,but it worked. Now I'm off.
My next challenge casting on. I got that figured out. This is a really simple pattern, as most basic scarves are. You can't do any fancy stitches with this yarn, and really don't need to. I believe a beginner could do this, with a little instructions. I casted on 10 stitches, but you can cast on whatever you want depending on how wide you want your scarf. Remember if you cast on an odd number, one end you will end with one stitch and the next row the first stitch will be the second stitch between the poms. I personally like even numbers in whatever I'm knitting.
Ok, so you have your cast on. Now you knit,you can perl whichever you prefer. With this yarn your edges won't curl. You knit 2 stitches between each pom. I continued this til I was almost out of yarn. Using an even number of stitches, I counted back to know when I needed to cast off.
The cast off is like any other project, again 2 stitches between each pom.
I started this scarf around 6pm last night, and was almost finished when I went to bed at 10pm. I finished the scarf in about 20 mins this morning. I will post a picture as soon as I find my camera and take it.
I loved working with this yarn, and plan to get some for myself, to make presents out of.

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